Reliable & Affordable Car Service in Boston

Convenient transportation to Logan



Uber as Your Choice

If Uber is selected as your transportation option to and from Boston Logan Airport, consider giving us a call; you’ll be glad it was done. Furthermore, don’t be left in the cold; a call can be made to us. You’ll be pleased it was done.

Trustworthy and accessible service

Always ready to answer your call

In today’s digital age, where getting a company to answer the phone can be challenging, we are always picked up within the second ring, 24/7/365, even on holidays. Moreover, our team is composed of real people working for you and our drivers, unlike some tricky computer programs.

Fair Pricing Regardless of Your Phone’s Charge

Whether your phone is fully charged or about to die, rest assured that the same fair price will be received—no surprises.

Family-Owned and Proud

Service Excellence Since 2006

A family-owned business has been serving Connecticut, cities, and beyond since 2006, providing spotless black cars and dependable drivers.

Affordable and transparent pricing

A Smart Choice for Long-Distance Trips

After COVID, an increase in airline ticket prices and rideshare rates was noticed. Consequently, considering a car service for long-distance trips is recommended. In addition, prices that are 35% lower than what the market charges can be provided, and what is quoted is what is charged—no hidden fees.

Connecticut Lowest Car Service Rates

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Private Car Service
Luxurious Limousine Price

Dedicated and reliable team

Service you can depend on

Our friendly and dependable office staff always answers your calls, ensuring a smooth experience.

Effortless airport transfers

Stress-Free Airport Pickups and Drop-offs

A true door-to-door service is provided, with pick-ups and drop-offs right outside the airport, so no more long walks to and from the parking lot dragging your heavy bags are needed. Furthermore, your fare can be known in advance; no surprises.

Instant Quotes and No Commitment

Transparent Pricing, No Strings Attached

Obtaining an instant quote, including tolls, taxes, and fees, is free and requires no registration. There’s no obligation; you can proceed with your booking if you like what you see.

Reliable Alternative to Ride-Sharing

Dependable service, rain or shine

Your driver cannot cancel your scheduled ride for a better job or due to a change of heart. Unlike Uber and Lyft, consistent rates are offered no matter the time, day, traffic, or season. Plus, rest assured that your information is secure.

Guaranteed Flight Tracking

Peace of Mind for Your Travel

We guarantee that your reservation won’t be canceled. Additionally, your flight is tracked every 15 minutes, so your driver will be there whether it’s early or late.

Looking forward to Serving You

Count on us for your future rides.

We would love to hear from you next time you need a ride. And remember, your comfort and satisfaction are guaranteed, so you can confidently expect to be pleased with our service!

Easy Booking Options

Simple Ways to Reserve Your Ride

We offer three easy ways to book your car. Consequently, you can relax and enjoy the convenience of luxury, safety, and comfort tailored to your needs and budget. Plus, get a quote instantly, with no registration or commitment.