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Refer a friend or family.


  • Miss out on great finds!
  • Drive on road construction, detours with confusing signs who go nowhere.                                                                       
  • Drive in New England winter storms. 

NorthEastern Limousine Referral Program allows registered customers to earn Travel Credits by referring friends. 

NorthEastern Limousine Travel Credits are “points” that can be applied as credits toward future bookings.

How to Earn Referral Travel Credits

  • The referred person has to be a new customer and has never used the service before.

Reservation booked by the referred friend.  

  • If making a reservation by phone the referred person must mention the unique code of his or her referral.
  • If booking online please add the unique code of his or her referral in the reservation comments box.

Redeeming Travel Credits

  • Travel Credits will be sent to the referral person as a coupon email.
  • There is no limit on the number of referrals you can send our way.

                 We thank you for that.

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