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If considering UBER for your next trip to and from BOS Logan Airport?

We’ve noticed long lines at Uber and Lyft waiting stands. 

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Car Service to Boston from Providence Airport TFGreen, Warwick, RI

We offer the best alternative to the increase in the airfare ticket. Reliable Black Car Service for long commutes, in luxury Sedans, SUVs, and Vans transfer to JFK, PA, DC, and beyond.

Car Service to Boston from Anywhere with ease and comfort, luxurious, and economical options. We do have the solutions and the cars to fulfill your needs. At a very satisfactory rate calculated based on the mileage and not on how long it will take, to protect you from any price increase during the journey.

We offer peace of mind service, with convenience, luxury, safety, and comfort tailored to your needs.

Rhode Island Most Affordable car service

Car Service

A Free No Commitment, No Registration Instant Rate lookup with all-inclusive (tips, tolls, taxes, administration, and fuel fees), never price surge, fully transparent rate. we charge by miles, no matter how long it takes protecting you from price increase in case of traffic situation

24/7/365 office staff and drivers working during holidays. 

A team of professionals will suggest the best time to travel, traffic conditions, and flight delays and cancellations to make sure you’ll be well taken care of, in NY, NJ, MA, and New England

A Meet and Greet is a must for big Airports.

Book a Car Service for a flat  Rate

Airport transfers from JFK to New York provide a flat rate and no hidden rate. Our system has generated the rate based on the distance between two points (pickup, and drop-off). If you require ate trip at an hourly rate for your meeting in the city. We provide a flat rate for an hour.

Clean & Safe Ride

Airport transfers from TFGreen Providence Airport to New York, Boston, and any big city.

A family-owned business provides your guests and family a safe ride. 

Car Service to Providence from JFK Airport is what we are trained to do and we do it well. 

We provide the best Manhattan car service.

Whatever the group size is for corporate or personal, we can handle the logistics, with a wide range of sedans, SUVs, and, vans,

Traveling for pleasure or business,  special events, historical, college tours, Sporting events, and concerts,

We offer value for the money. We can be a big addition to your event .

Hosting an event in Providence, we can help, and the more details you give us the best the service will be. 

Our experienced team is well-equipped to coordinate corporate and personal events for excellent service.

We provide point-to-point, long-distance city-to-city and state-to-state, Airport pickups and deliver

Safety is the main key of our service, to you, your family and loved

Avoid Uber, Lyft, and Taxi long line

We are seeing long waiting line at the taxi, Uber, and Lyft stand, don’t be waiting for your ride, 

With NELimos, we will be waiting for you.

Finding your ride In a crowded area like at the game, Concert or Airport  can be challenging as most Uber, Lyft cars look alike. personal cars Toyota Corolla, Camrey, Prius, Honda Accord. Civic,  Our cars are easy to spot as they are chosen for business and not personal use.

Free quote request and booking in a few clicks

Personal and Corporate for one person to a large group.

We have a variety of cars, Luxury Sedans, SUVs, Vans, professional full time drivers customer service oriented, not soloney earning oriented.

We are always on time.

Airport Transfers

We track all incoming flights, 

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Traveling around for business or pleasure requires a reliable ground transportation provider who will provide you with world-class service and get you around your law.

Understanding the terms and conditions, as well as the pricing structure, is crucial when booking a car.                                                                                                                                                     Here are some important points to consider before you commit yourself:

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation Timeframe:  What is the deadline for canceling a reservation without incurring any fees?
  • Cancellation Fees: Are there any cancellation fees if the reservation is canceled within a certain time period?
  • Refund Policy:    What is the refund policy if you need to cancel your reservation? Will you receive a full or partial refund?
  • Modification:    Is there an option to modify your reservation if travel plans change?

Pricing Transparency:

  • Base Rate: What is the base rate for the transportation service? Is it charged per hour or per trip?
  • Additional Charges: Are there any additional charges or fees beyond the base rate? This could include fuel surcharges, tolls, or taxes.
  • Gratuity: Is gratuity included in the quoted price, or is it separate? If separate, what is the recommended gratuity percentage?
  • Billing Increments: How is the time for billing calculated? Is it rounded to the nearest hour or charged based on actual time used?

Late and Early Pickup Fees:

  • Late Pickup: Is there a fee if your driver arrives late for pickup due to their fault?
  • Early Pickup: Is there an additional fee for requesting an early pickup time?

Inclusions in Price:

  • Tolls and Parking:  Are tolls and parking fees included in the quoted price, or will you be responsible for these costs separately?
  • Airport Fees:   Are any airport-related fees included, or will they be added to the final bill?
  • Luggage Handling:  Is assistance with luggage handling included?
  • Wait Time:   Is a certain amount of wait time included in the price, and how is additional wait time handled?
  • Mileage Limits:  Are there any mileage restrictions or additional charges for longer distances?

When booking a transportation service, it’s a good idea to get all these details in writing, either on the company’s website or through direct communication with their customer service. This will help you have a clear understanding of the terms, costs, and what you can expect during your trip.

Enjoy the convenience of luxury, safety, and comfort tailored to your needs

A Free No Commitment, No Registration Instant Rate lookup

All-inclusive (tips, tolls, taxes, administration and fuel fees)

Never price surge, we charge by miles, no matter how long it takes

Booking a ride is a breeze.

Book your ride and take an extra 10%OFF our already reduce price

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